Anonymous asked:

I've been feeling really fat lately, any tips on how to lose weight?

sassy-spideypool answered:

Peter: Now wait a minute, who said anything was wrong with fat? There’s nothing wrong with having a bigger body and “fat” isn’t a negative word to describe your body. However if you want to get healthier you want to start by drinking more water, eating better foods and trying to do an activity everyday for about 30 to 45 minutes. Don’t start making changes to not be “fat” make changes to feel happy.



oliiiv3r asked:

any cute fanfics where wade takes peter's first kiss? or similar to that uvu?


Deadpool or Ryan Reynolds?

Deadpool is honestly the funniest fucking comic book character in creation. Whoever thought ‘oh why not have a character who breaks the forth wall and is super fucking awesome in every way?’

I have never met anyone who doesn’t like Deadpool and if you don’t well then… you’re wrong.

Sidenote: That last gif had me giggling like the little girl I am for a good 10 min. Ask my sister she’s right next to me.